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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Adventures of Vacation by captain S Shyam Saseethar

(MIS)Adventures of vacation - By captain s shyam saseethar

Ever since I had answered “ Adventure “ as one among many reasons for choosing the profession of Arms, during the SSB interviews, the Gods and Goddesses have been extravagant in blessing me with what I craved for, so much so that it has lead to some embarrassing situationS arising out of comedy of error.
The EODE courses were recently given few days of mid term break to get over the shock of the Phase test-I results. And thanks to Wright Brothers ( God bless their departed soul) despite hailing from Coimbatore, which is quite far away for a touch and back journey from Pune, I did choose to visit home.

It was an amazing trip, especially the trip to the Niligiris, along the 18 hair pin bend Ghat Road, surrounded on either sides by the thick green tea plantations whose aroma penetrated deep into one’s soul through the nostrils. The exquisite South Indian Biriyani served in the traditional Banana leaf, and an opportunity to witness the tribal dance of the local inhabitants- the Todas were indeed sweet unforgettable memories. But surpassing all these was the joy of being with my Mom, Sis, Dad and Grandma who had recently turned 98. (Yes that is no typing error, she is ninety eight and can give a good fight to my mom-her daughter in law, even till date)

On the last day of the break, I bid adieu to my family and took my flight from Coimbatore to Chennai to switch planes for Pune. There was a four hour break in between and I spend most of it ‘Bird’ watching in the Chennai Airport. Seldom, did I realize then that it was the beginning of a life time (mis)adventure at the airport.

After the security checks, I went across Gate No 03 to board my flight to Pune. Normally they arrange a Bus which drops the passengers right till the aircraft from the gate, but as luck would have it, there was no bus, and all passengers were walking towards their flight. The crowd had suddenly grown in number, since those from other gates too were walking towards their aircrafts. I approached my carrier, an Indigo flight showed my boarding pass which was checked ( Just Like that JLT – Type ) by a ground staff and I boarded the flight. My seat No was 15-F and I was overjoyed to see a young girl in seat no 15-E. My joy however was shortlived, as a very complex individual dressed like Mr I K Gujral came over and told me his seat No was 15-F too.
We called in the Air hostess, Anushka Kaur, showed her the two boarding pass. I have read about blonde Jokes, and seen some videos in youtube too, but Anushka was the mother, correction, Queen Mother of all Blondes. After staring into the boarding pass for over a minute and having sunk into an ocean of bliss and Nirvana, she excused herself and went to the Intercom panel along with other air hostesses.

Meanwhile like good old Indians that we are, the Gujral look-alike wasted no time in blaming our system, and I was quick to second him. We should sue them perhaps, he suggested, wait until the media hears about this, I added. Almost the entire crew and passengers had their eye fixed on us, staring at us with awe.
Anushka returned with an amazing blush that would have made any bachelor Guy drop down his jaws. My tough mental training of NDA helped me control my emotions and my desire. With a Golden smile she spoke – Shyam this boarding pass is for the Chennai- Pune flight, this is the Delhi flight you have boarded accidentally sir. I wanted to ask her, - “Can I have your Mobile No sweet heart “, but all I could utter out was a “ Oh…!!!” followed by a long pause.

And so it began and there it ended, the flight to Pune was delayed for 30 mins thanks to me, the Unlucky Girl at seat No 15-E, missed out on a wonderful company of a Gentleman like me, and not to forget the embarrassment of taking your luggage and de boarding a flight escorted by a gorgeous girl whose blush kept growing exponentially, making it seem that I was an object of ridicule.

Luckily, I did manage to reach the premises of my Alma Mater, “ where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection “ , the college of Military Engineering Pune !


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