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Saturday, June 2, 2012

I sat alone preparing for the battle ahead

I sat alone preparing for the battle ahead,
But my mind took me to the memories instead .
And then sinking in the deep seas of past
I realized sadly , I'd moved on so fast.

Those good old days , how well I remember,
That scorching sun of June, that freezing December .
Those moments which brought me laughter and tears ,
Seems like a few hours , but it's actually in years .

Those roadside games I used to play,
Those exciting and dull school day
Those pranks with neighbours with friends of mine ,
They were all my partners in the crime .

That joy ride on back , my Pa would give ,
With me all around his dreams would live .
And that food , my mother would make,
Her care so pressing , my pains she would take.

That girl in the 'pink' , who commanded my heart ,
The kiss she gave ,when our ways did part.
Now the memories pain ,they hurt like scar ,
But , I can't return , I have come too far .

I became a soldier , a warrior for my land,
Left all , picked up the gun in my hand.
Pledged to sacrifice my life and my death ,
To guard the frontiers , till the last breath .

I realize now I'd moved on so fast,
I owe a lot to the present and the past .
'Leave the past' I said , build the future instead ,
As I sat alone , preparing for the battle ahead .....


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