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Saturday, June 2, 2012

I would still give my life to keep us all free

All these years I gave my all
I served my country I heeded their call
I was still just a boy when I signed on the line
I did not see the adventure that soon would be mine

After my training I got on a plane
I arrived at my unit fresh faced & sane
This young little boy grew up so fast
Putting aside the pain of the past

Then came the day the adventure had come
On with my flak jacket and take up my gun
To patrol the streets of Belfast fair city
Where the abuse was rife but the girls were pretty

For all of my career I gave them my best
I am proud to have served and have medals on my chest
But now I am older and wiser and lost a little zest
So now is the time for my well earned rest

But a soldiers spirit is forever in my heart
Also the love of my country will never depart
So if ever my country should call upon me
I would still give my life to keep us all free

Jai Hind


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