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Thursday, July 5, 2012

This was a soldiers sacrifice.

He wouldn't sleep nor eat,
Just to make sure nothing comes above his feet,
He swore to mom he would be home.
But that was not something he kept whole.

He fights with arms in suite,
He fights to know this is his due.
The truth is he fights to plead his crew.

He learns the way of life,
To keep to hold on tight.
Some days are not glare
But no one really cared

His years to pay are set,
With a signature he wrote once then.
Defending what hes got
He knows his time has jot.

His country feels his grief,
But no one like his family pleads.
To come to hold and see,
This Soldier who fell on both knees.

A mother left behind,
To tear to cry,
To know his son was a hero
Who will remain in mind.

A man who gave his all
While hunger days would fall.
A man who wore his suite
For everyone who knew.

For I can tell the truth
This pain no one will lose,
This was no ordinary fight,
This was a soldiers sacrifice.


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