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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

125 crore population has only four medals

For all those cribbing the fact that a Nation of 125 crore population has only four medals at London..
time to do some soul searching people...time to look at what are our priorities as a Nation as a society And trust me medals at Olympics is not one of them...its “Roti kapda n makan”..we think that "kheloge kudoge to banoge ganwar"..instead of making our kids enjoy their childhood n explore there talents, we burden them with tons of books...so when you aim to become an engineer or doc or teacher, don’t just wake up one fine morning every four yrs. n expect our sportsperson to start winning at Olympics...it just doesn’t happen that way...
so stop belittling our gallant sportsmen who are fighting at d biggest stage...instead lets support them in whatever they are achieving for the time being coz even reaching there takes a hell lot...coz u know...YUDDH ME JAI BOLNE WALON KA BHI MAHATVA HAI...
Jai Hind


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