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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

to be an army wife

to be an army wife is not an easy job..
the green that he wears is now not his ,
but mine too.
i may not be going on fields like him,
i may not be wearing the medals
across my chest,
i may not be holding the gun,
but i have my own battles to fight.

his putting on the uniform,
the thoughts of "him" leaving,
the sight of his vehicle's dimming lights.
the thoughts of rearing up the children
all by myself
while he is gone.
the thoughts of battlefields,
the thoughts of dangerzone.
and most importantly,
the thought of his safety,
are now part of my life.

Loving an officer can be easy
but living his way of life like your own
is challenging .. !!
give it a try
as the ladies if you can be a weakness for him
then you can also be

take care.
--- shruti


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