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Gen V.K.Singh Retired

A Soldier who hanged up his boots today after 42 years of service of the Nation.

Online Application for Indian Navy

Our Navy is inviting unmarried male candidates to join the Indian Naval Academy, Kerala under 10 + 2 cadet (B Tech) Entry Scheme.

MARCOS celebrates its Silver Jubilee

The first batch of The Indian Marine Special Force (IMSF) passed out on 14 Feb 1987. It was later renamed as the Marine Commando Force (MCF) in 1991.

Officer like qualities for Army - "Do you have it in you ?"


Capt Amol Kalia and his 13 gallant men

"Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once."

True Face of Indian Paid Media

Dear Editors of HT,TOI,Indian Express,The Hindu,NDTV,CNN-IBN Something to think about..!! Shame on Indian Media? Really what a shame...

Battle of Longewala

"Jhund main to kutte aate hain ..
Sher to akela hi chalta hai.."

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

good night sleep well..

Behind every soldier who adorns the uniform there lies the courage of an even stronger woman who had a heart big enough to risk her most priced possession, her reason for existence her everything for the cause of the country...
She who gave birth she who tugged him harder, she who will face life harder than death. Lets not forget the efforts this otherwise ordinary woman-the nameless hero.

good night sleep well..
jai hind

to be an army wife

to be an army wife is not an easy job..
the green that he wears is now not his ,
but mine too.
i may not be going on fields like him,
i may not be wearing the medals
across my chest,
i may not be holding the gun,
but i have my own battles to fight.

his putting on the uniform,
the thoughts of "him" leaving,
the sight of his vehicle's dimming lights.
the thoughts of rearing up the children
all by myself
while he is gone.
the thoughts of battlefields,
the thoughts of dangerzone.
and most importantly,
the thought of his safety,
are now part of my life.

Loving an officer can be easy
but living his way of life like your own
is challenging .. !!
give it a try
as the ladies if you can be a weakness for him
then you can also be

take care.
--- shruti

Tharki Pawar's Partymen Invites Sunny Leon

Tharki Pawar's Partymen Invites Sunny Leon as chief guest in Pune for dahi handi.

Nothing can be more shameful when a 'Porn Star' takes the seat of a Mentor for kids and youths.
Guess we have forgotten our heroic Inspirations which our nations has delivered.
will these politicians ask their children and loved ones to become like her?
good going INDIA !!

It is YOU who belong to this LAND

When the Blood in your Veins returns to the Sea,
When the Earth in your Bones returns to the Ground,
perhaps then you will remember that this Land does not belong to YOU.
It is YOU who belong to this LAND !!!!

Jai Hind

MP, Uttarakhand floods

MP, Uttarakhand floods: Army, IAF launch rescue ops

The Indian Air Force in coordination with civil administration is facilitating the smooth evacuation of stranded pilgrims from Harshil and Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand.

Ten army columns are involved in rescue operations in Uttarkashi-Gangotri area. Army is providing succour in the form of medical aid, hot food and other assistance to stranded pilgrims.

Two army aviation helicopters are operating in coordination with civil administration.

Two Indian Air Force Advance Light Helicopters (ALH) and one IAF Mi-17 have already been deployed in Harshil/Uttarkashi and one more Mi-17 chopper is being added to augment the rescue and relief efforts.

‘Subedar Vijay Kumar, Army’s gift to Nation’

Welcome of a Hero...
‘Subedar Vijay Kumar, Army’s gift to Nation’

London Olympics silver medal winning shooter Vijay Kumar was on Wednesday accorded a reception befitting a triumphant soldier.
Around 300 Armymen from the Dogra Regiment and Rajasthan Rifles held placards and banners — flashing slogans like ‘Welcome Vijay, Army’s pride,’ ‘Mission Olympics Wing welcomes Vijay,’ ‘Congratulations for the stupendous performance’ and ‘Subedar Vijay Kumar, Army’s gift to Nation’ — in honour of the champion shooter.

125 crore population has only four medals

For all those cribbing the fact that a Nation of 125 crore population has only four medals at London..
time to do some soul searching people...time to look at what are our priorities as a Nation as a society And trust me medals at Olympics is not one of them...its “Roti kapda n makan”..we think that "kheloge kudoge to banoge ganwar"..instead of making our kids enjoy their childhood n explore there talents, we burden them with tons of books...so when you aim to become an engineer or doc or teacher, don’t just wake up one fine morning every four yrs. n expect our sportsperson to start winning at Olympics...it just doesn’t happen that way...
so stop belittling our gallant sportsmen who are fighting at d biggest stage...instead lets support them in whatever they are achieving for the time being coz even reaching there takes a hell lot...coz u know...YUDDH ME JAI BOLNE WALON KA BHI MAHATVA HAI...
Jai Hind